Outdoor Cat Tree – Test & Recommendations ****2020

Outdoor Cat Tree House is important for your cats. We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you to find an outdoor friendly cat tree or outdoor friendly cat tower for you.

Outdoor Cat Trees

Advice for Outdoor Cat House:

Questions to consider before buying an Outdoor Cat Tree What questions should one deal with when considering buying an outdoor cat tree? What distinguishes it and how does it qualify from a normal cat tree to an outdoor cat tree? In the following, we have tried to give you a rough overview of the most important facts about outdoor cat tree, such as the different sizes, manufacturers, brands, costs, etc.


The Outdoor Cat Tree turns out to be one of the most popular devices for cats. For the time being, it is primarily used to sharpen the claws, but is also ideal for climbing / gymnastics, romping or simply lying down.

In principle, it is often a completely normal scratching post that has the same or similar structure as a scratching post for indoors, but it is made of a different material.

There is a selection of different sizes for outdoor cat tree. The right size for your cat depends exclusively on the breed or size of your adult cat.

The cost of an outdoor cat tree varies a lot. As a rule, however, this costs between 50-200 €, depending on the quality, brand or manufacturer, etc.

The most well-known materials when talking about outdoor cat trees are: Wood (natural) Wood with additional treatment Teflon coatings Poly rattan Plastic

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