Lemonade Stand Ideas *BEST

Lemonade Stand Ideas are not difficult. Maybe you searched it:Lemonade stand ideas for kids. Don’t worry about the same thing…

Requirements for Lemonade Stand Ideas:

Materials: wooden boxes, board, and slats


We just used what we had at home. In our case, I had two wooden boxes, an extra wooden board, and three wooden slats.
Four wooden boxes would have been better, then they could have simply been placed on top of each other.

So I screwed the smaller wooden box to the side of the large wooden box. This created a hole underneath, which I closed with a wooden board, so the stand got the necessary stability.

On the sides, we screwed a wooden slat on the right and left and finally a slat across it. This gives added stability and so it looks much more like a sales booth.

Spray and table lacquer

When the kids were in bed at night, I painted the stand with white spray paint.
For the board below and above in the middle, I rolled up blackboard varnish.
So you can write something on it with a chalk pen and change it again if necessary, for example, “Flea Market” or “Apples” or, or, or …


We used a birthday garland for the colorful garland for Lemonade Stand Ideas. We just cut off the “birthday” and only used the “happy”. In the twinkling of an eye, the booth looked more colorful.



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