Horse Home Decoration [2021] New

Horse home decoration ideas are very is very diverse. For example Horse birthday invitation cards, Muffin bands, etc.

We will now explain to you what and how you do all the great things. Let yourself be inspired by our pictures and get creative! Have lots of fun with it!


Horse home decoration birthday invitation cards

Of course, guests only come to the party hall with the right invitation. We have designed a beautiful pink and gray invitation for you. There is space for all the important information, whether it’s a ride outdoors or a celebration indoors. It always depends on the weather.

Bottle label

Even if many think: you just sit on top and the Horse home decoration does the work … blablabla! We riders know better, it is a strenuous sport and therefore the provision of juice and water is very important. With our bottle labels decorated with horses and horseshoes, you can make the bottles particularly beautiful! Have lots of fun with it!

Muffin bands

And there they are again our popular muffin banderoles. Even the little riders have to dismount once in a while and need some refreshment: delicious muffins in the middle of the hay.

Trailer for the party favors

Of course, a small gift should not be missing at the horse party. We have therefore designed pendants for you that you simply staple to the previously filled Cellophane bags. As a guest gift we have “only” shown a few sweet things here, but we also found these small key rings * on Amazon, for example. What other ideas do you have? Write to us!

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