Led Lights for Home Decoration 2020

Led lights for home decoration: 5 tips for optimal lighting and fancy led lights for home decoration.

1. Daylight scale

Daylight as a standard To understand the “furnishing element” light, one should first know a few things: Basically, daylight is optimum for the human eye. It is good for Led lights for home decoration and has the best color rendering.


2. Light color

The incandescent lamp, which has since been retired, comes very close to natural, warm white daylight, which is why most people find its light very pleasant. But modern, warm white LED lamps are now almost identical to the light from incandescent lamps. Since many LED lamps, especially very cheap models, emit a cold white light with a high proportion of blue, you should pay attention to the light color, also known as the color temperature, when buying.

3. General lighting A general distinction is made a bet

A general distinction is made between general and mood lighting. Led lights for home decoration is used to illuminate the room evenly. This function is usually performed by ceiling lights or spotlights, which provide brightness when it is needed.


4. Illuminate walls

If you want to do without ceiling light, you can also use wall lights for general lighting. Depending on the size of the room, several wall lights should be installed to achieve the appropriate brightness.

5. No glare

The term “glare-free” comes from lighting planning and describes the shielding of the light source by, for example, lampshades or reflectors, which guide the light so that it does not fall directly into the eye of the beholder.

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