Everedge Lawn Edging – Types and Tips

Everedge lawn edging or lawn edging home depot needs a lot of care: If you don’t regularly put the lawn in its place, it will quickly conquer the adjacent beds and compete with the perennials and roses. There are several ways to prevent this.

Metal lawn edging

Metal lawn edging has been in great demand for several years. And rightly so: The thin profiles made of stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum can hardly be seen and form an impenetrable borderline between the Everedge lawn edging and the bed. The flexible profiles are also very suitable for edging curved lawns. Depending on the manufacturer, they are available in widths between 10 and 30 centimeters and, as a wide variant, are also suitable for absorbing slight differences in height. Some products can be screwed together firmly before installation.

Plastic or rubber lawn edging

Instead of metal, you can use plastic or rubber edges to surround your lawn. These lawn edges are often made from recycled material and are therefore significantly cheaper than metal profiles. Nevertheless, they are very durable and rot-resistant in the soil. Such edging tapes are usually offered as 5 or 10-meter rolls, their width varies between 13 and 20 centimeters.

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