Glass Vessels Decorating: 4 brilliant ideas and tips

Glass Vessels are one way of giving them a new life. Therefore, today we have put together 4 ideas for you on how you can decorate glass vessels and use them as decorative elements in your home. These ideas are easy to implement and very cheap because you only need very few things.


1. Use glass vessels as photo holders


Who Said Photos Are Only For Picture Frames? Over time, new possibilities for the presentation of our photos have been created. And yes, you can even use Glass Vessels for this!

Also, decorating glass jars with your favorite photos is a great idea. And in a moment you will understand why.

To do this you need the following:

Glass vessel of the desired size with a lid
Your favorite photo
All you have to do is fill the glass jar almost to the brim with sunflower oil or some other transparent oil. Leave a finger’s width to prevent the oil from spilling over the edge.


2. Label the vessels with silicone

This second idea of ​​decorating Glass Vessels is one of our favorites because it is so simple, versatile, and very useful. To make this idea a reality you will need:

A glass vessel of the desired size. This time, it depends on the purpose of the glass jar whether you need the lid or not.
Hot glue gun and silicone stick
Acrylic paint
The idea is that depending on the purpose you intend to use the glass, you write the keyword with the hot silicone on the glass.


3. Decorate glass vessels with souvenirs from your last beach vacation

Another way to decorate glass vessels and have a souvenir from your last vacation is to use seashells or river stones. You will also need hot silicone to glue the items together.

4. Use it as a money box

The last idea that we propose for decorating glass vessels is a money box. This idea is great for your kids and for yourself because you will be using the glass to motivate yourself.

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