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Modern Mailbox made of stainless steel & in color in this article. A modern mailbox with post is good for your place. There are many varieties of the modern mailbox.

Design letterbox: modern shapes and stylish colors for your home

In addition to the house number, the mailbox is part of the “good tone” in the entrance area. It accompanies buildings around the world in a wide variety of designs and is used to store letters, catalogs, and brochures. According to tradition, the first mailboxes were already there in the 16th century. Under the name Tamburi, they were attached to houses in Florence in the form of wooden boxes. But the first “mailbox” was by no means used for mail. Rather, they were intended to be used to anonymously submit advertisements to the government. They have little in common with today’s letterbox design.




Modern Mailbox with newspaper compartment – the practical all-rounder

If you are looking for a modern mailbox or mid century modern mailbox, you will quickly find it with us. With the mailbox with newspaper compartment, we offer you a practical all-rounder that you can use in a variety of ways. Made of stainless steel and produced in Germany, it is extremely robust, defies a wide variety of weather conditions, and offers enough space for letters, brochures and newspapers. The newspaper compartment can be arranged under the actual mailbox, but also discreetly behind it. It is open on one side so that the newspaper can simply be pushed in.

Stainless steel Modern Mailbox impresses with its modern design

You will find the letterbox made of stainless steel with a modern design. In addition to the classic model in silver, you can choose a colored design letterbox that draws attention in green or dark red. Lettering on the front characterizes various models and makes the stainless steel letterbox an eye-catcher in your home. Even if you like the nostalgic or rural style, you will quickly find what you are looking for with us and come across the design letterbox that suits you.

With a matching stainless steel doorbell and house number, you complete the overall picture. You can also find the right products here in our shop. Choose an exclusive accessory and you will enjoy the product for a long time!


  1. Modern Mailbox

2.Mid Century Modern Mailbox

3. Modern Wall Mount Mailbox

4. Modern Wall Mount Mailbox



5. Modern Wall Mount Mailbox

6.Modern Mailbox with Post

7.Modern Stainless Steel Mailbox

8.Modern Stainless Steel Mailbox

Rural Front Opening Stainless Steel Mailbox with Stainless Steel Post

9.Modern Stainless Steel Mailbox

10.Modern Stainless Steel Mailbox


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