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Rain glass is not a hard DIY project. All the details about rain glass are in this article. Read our article to learn about rain glass.

Where does the rain glass come from?

Sure, from the clouds, many of you will say now. After all, clouds consist of water. But how does it happen that the clouds float while rivers, lakes, and seas stay on earth, following gravity? And why does the water finally fall down again and make us wet?

To observe how rain – in the very simple sense – is created, you can easily make rain – in a glass!

How you can make rain?

You need to

  • A large jar, for example, a honey jar or mason jar
  • tap water
  • One or two handfuls of ice cubes
  • A bowl, the bottom of which completely covers the glass
  • A pressure cooker or saucepan on the stove



This is how you do the experiment

  1. Heats the water in the pressure cooker or in the saucepan on the stove. Pour the (almost) boiling water into the glass until it is about 2cm high. The glass is now very hot! Let the young researchers know that they shouldn’t touch it anymore!
  2. Immediately place the bowl on the glass opening (it should be covered as completely as possible – but not airtight!) And put the ice cubes in.
  3. Take your time and watch what happens in the glass.

What is happening there?

The almost boiling water evaporates or evaporates. The resulting water vapor remains trapped in the glass when the bowl is on the opening. The ice cools the bottom of the bowl considerably. This is how the water condenses – that is, liquefies – on the underside of the ice shell. Soon you will be able to see tiny droplets on the glass wall, which slowly grow together into larger and larger drops. At some point, the larger, heavy drops can no longer hold themselves and, following gravity, run down the glass wall and back into the water layer on the bottom.

And it gets even better If you have patience and wait 10 to 20 minutes (that’s how long it took me), the drops that grow right under the bottom of the bowl also become so heavy that they drip downwards: It’s raining In the glass!


How To Use Rain Glass To Make A Decoration

1) Rain Glass for Bathroom

Rain glass and exotic patterns

Frosted glass, rain glass, and exotic patterns to make your bathroom shower stand out.

Or use a rain glass as a shower door!

rain glass as a shower door

Rain glass is more useful in humid places such as bathrooms. Because it does not stain. Rain glass of course not only used in the bathroom.


2) Rain Glass Front Door


rain glass front door

Front door with rain glass and windows in lieu of sidelights are good choices for home decoration.


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