Hanging Fruit Basket – What is it ?

Hanging Fruit Basket okay! What is it? You know that you really want to let off steam and experiment in the kitchen, but there is no place in your small kitchen. ANSWER: – a hanging fruit basket. Simply screw it to the ceiling and store the fruit in the different baskets.

A kitchen helper that the world has been waiting for and has meanwhile become indispensable in millions of households.

1.What is the Hanging Fruit Basket?

1.1 The advantages

A hanging fruit basket can support and simplify your everyday life in the kitchen

saves space, everything that is not on the worktop but hangs is great
Fruits are separate because some fruits cannot be stored together
due to different levels, there are no pressure points on the fruit
can be hung anywhere (kitchen, cellar, porch)
looks very elegant and modern, thanks to different materials and colors
available in every price category
more storage space is available in the refrigerator
Order and organization of the fruits
also very suitable for storing vegetables
These are just some of the advantages of a hanging fruit basket. Once you’ve decided on one, you’ll never want to be without it again.

2. Important questions before buying a hanging fruit basket

How big should it be?
How much do I want to spend on it?
What material should it be made of?
The function of the hanging fruit basket
By and large, it’s there to help your fruit last longer. In addition, your apples, bananas, and other healthy vitamin bombs will catch the eye. If you are curious, then be curious about the important purposes for which it serves.

2.1 Weight distribution:

In contrast to a fruit basket, the fruits are regularly distributed in the hanging fruit basket. This is exactly the important function because it distributes the weight evenly. This way you can keep your fruit longer and it won’t be crushed. The construction is designed in such a way that the slopes of the basket exert a balance on the fruit.

2.2 Storage of the fruits:

Another important function of the hanging fruit basket is that one type of fruit is intended for each basket. Because some fruits accelerate the ripening process of your fruits. Imagine mixing apples with bananas or strawberries.

After a day or two, the bananas would turn brown and the strawberries would go moldy. It is therefore advisable to always store fruits separately.




2.3 Materials

There is now a wide range of hanging fruit baskets. You can choose from the following materials, depending on your preferences or the kitchen furnishings:

stainless steel
The most popular is the variant with the 3 hanging baskets. The largest basket is at the bottom, the middle basket above, and the smallest basket above.

If this is too unsuitable for you, there are of course also the variants one basket or two baskets. The choice is huge.

2.4 The mount

When you have found the piece you are looking for, simply choose a good spot in your home. Before doing this, please think about the following:

no direct sunlight
not immediately next to the stove/sink
Ensuring that the kitchen cabinets and drawers all open smoothly
As soon as all criteria are met, you can start with the installation. Depending on the manufacturer and price, you will be supplied with all the important attachments. Please pay attention to this when ordering on the Internet.



A list of the aids required:

drilling machine
Simply drill the hole in the desired location, attach the dowel and finally screw in the screw with the hook. Depending on the model, there is a loop or chain at the beginning of the basket for attachment. Put away and your eye-catcher in the kitchen is ready.


Every great utility item has a little catch.

When you have chosen a place, you must make sure that there is no direct sunlight. Likewise, a hole needs to be drilled in the ceiling and if you decide to place the hanging fruit basket elsewhere, it will leave an unsightly hole. So he’s not flexible. In a household where children or cats live, a hanging glass fruit basket is not recommended.

3. The care

The hanging fruit basket is very easy to care for. As soon as you see bad fruit, simply remove it. To recommend: take out all the fruits, wash the basket with hot water and you’re done.


Conclusion on the hanging fruit basket

A hanging fruit basket is not only a sight for the eye and also enhances your kitchen optically, it is also a guarantee that your fruit will last longer. It is easy to install and allows you to have more space in your kitchen.

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