Mid Century Modern Dresser Combines Danish Vintage American *2020

Mid-Century Modern Dresser Highboy Tallboy, light to medium-finish throughout. Mid-Century Modern Dresser combines Highboy Tallboy Danish Vintage American by Martinsville NM Lane Drexel Dressers and the others. Pull out all drawers. Excellent construction with a unique and legendary design. Almost perfect condition. This piece will instantly brighten up any room or place.


Luxury and versatility are the key elements of the lush Eichholtz collection. This modern decorative element from the middle of the 20th century shows the seductive cabinets made of washed oak veneer. This unmistakable furniture is reminiscent of Danish designer furniture from the 1950s and gives the room structure and attraction.



The matching dining table Remington made of oak veneer and the elegant dining room chairs Scribe made of gray velvet complete the retro look and feel. The sculptural table lamp Robbins reflects the timeless beauty of this balanced furniture arrangement and conjures up a magical ambiance inside.

Oak veneer series, washed

The Eichholtz series oak veneer, washed combines brushed brass with washed oak veneer. Subtle contrasting white grains brighten the veneer. Due to their triangular and rectangular silhouettes, the cabinet doors are a great eye-catcher. Bring the natural beauty of washed oak veneer into your home. This rustic oak veneer is exquisitely handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and exudes a timeless charm.


A small dresser maximizes your space by presenting storage and style. A mirrored dresser or Vainness dresser may be the epitome of functional model, owing to its mixture of drawers in addition to a dresser mirror. Although most Bed room dressers and chests are made from wood, a plastic storage dresser is a great way to hold closets structured.

Outfit your living room having a mid-century-impressed couch or loveseat to promptly change the vibe of the Room.

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