En Suite Bathroom – The Secret of the En Suite Bathroom!

What is an en suite bathroom means?

En suite bathroom” means:

  1. a bathroom that is directly adjacent to a bedroom
  2. a combination of bedroom and bathroom in one room

Here we show how en suite bathrooms are implemented in real life :

1. Classic: “Bathroom plus bedroom”

The classic shape of the en suite bathroom: a bedroom with a bathroom directly adjacent. Typical for hotel rooms, in the USA, you can find this combination in many large private homes.

Herewith us, this bedroom-bathroom combination is rather unusual in private homes.

But it is on the rise – a look at the property advertisements is enough. Even today, there are more and more houses that have one or more “bathrooms en suite” in the floor plan.

There are many reasons for the combination of bedroom and bathroom:

  • The desire for more privacy.
  • For a private “I realm” in which we can be who we are.
  • That we share with people who are just like us – with our partner, for example
  • And which we can set up individually as it suits us.

So it’s no wonder that en-suite bathrooms, especially for couples or children, are more popular than ever these days.

en suite bathroom

2. Trendy: “Bathroom in the bedroom”

The second variant of the en suite bathroom is the “bathroom in the bedroom.”

Similar to the “open kitchen,” the bathroom integrated into a bedroom is sometimes also called an “open bathroom.”

His role model: the hotel bathroom.

Because more and more hotels are merging bathroom and bedroom: To do this, they are packing parts of the bathroom into the bedroom and creating open “living rooms” that are great for indulging and relaxing.

Usually, the bathtub, shower, and washbasin move towards the sleeping area, sometimes a sauna too.

The only thing that remains completely private is the toilet, which moves into a discreet corner or is housed in a separate toilet room.

The secret of the en suite bathroom!

There are many bathrooms – en suite bathrooms are something special.

Because they connect the two most private rooms in our home, this creates an intimate ego area in which we can move freely – without anyone meeting us (anyone who knows life in large families or shared apartments knows what we are talking about …)

And of course, a room that we can design to our hearts’ content according to our needs. We hope you enjoy it!

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